Montana Medical Home Advisory Council Subcommittees
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Advisory Council Subcommittees
Legislative Subcommittee
Date Materials Notes
June 5, 2012AgendaDraft Notes
Education Subcommittee - Members

List of Upcoming Medical Conferences

Date Materials Notes
May 9, 2012AgendaDraft Notes
April 4, 2012Agenda
Final Slides from Webinar #1
March 7, 2012Agenda
Outline for Webinar #1
Webinar #1
February 22, 2012Agenda
PCMH Slides
February 8, 2012Agenda
Webinar Series Outline
January 25, 2012AgendaNotes

Quality Metrics Subcommittee - Members

Selected Set of Quality Metrics - May 2012

Finalized Full Set of Quality Metrics - December 2011

Date Materials Notes
May 9, 2012Agenda
MU/PCMH/PQRS Crosswalk by Mountain Pacific Quality Health
QM Subcommittee Goals and Strategies
PCMH Advisory Council Quality Metrics Grand Scheme
Draft Notes
February 22, 2012AgendaNotes
February 8, 2012AgendaNotes
January 25, 2012AgendaNotes
December 14, 2011AgendaNotes
November 30, 2011AgendaNotes
November 9, 2011Agenda Notes
October 26, 2011Agenda
Summary of Recommendations/Supporting Documents
September 28, 2011 --- Notes
September 7, 2011 Version II Practice Metrics
Current Performance Benchmarks

Framework for Payment Subcommittee - Members
Date Materials Notes
The subcommittees will not meet again unless the council determines that it needs them to meet.

Click here to view the finalized framework for payment
December 14, 2011AgendaNotes
November 30, 2011Agenda
Maryland PCMH Participation Agreement
Maryland Data Submission Guide
Colorado PCMH Contract 1
Colorado PCMH Contract 2
Colorado PCMH Contract 3
Colorado PCMH Contract 4
Colorado PCMH Contract 5
Colorado PCMH P4P Contract
Rhode Island PCMH Contract
Vermont Memorandum of Understanding
November 9, 2011AgendaNotes
October 26, 2011 AgendaNotes
October 12, 2011---Notes
September 28, 2011 HCH Complexity Tier Tool - March 2010
Payment Methodology - March 2010
SNMHI Policy Brief Issue 1
September 14, 2011 Agenda
Framework for Payment Description
PCPCH Provider Feedback Meeting Packet

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