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CSI Legal Actions
CSI Insurance 2008 Legal Actions

In the Matter of: Allegiance Life & Health Insurance Company Inc. * INS-2008-1

Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Final Decision and Order  

In the Matter of:  Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Co. * INS-2008-13

Consent Agreement and Final Order  

In the Matter of: Jeffrey and Debra Blodgett * INS-2008-45

Consent Agreement and Final Order  

In the Matter of: Mark Anthony Boone * DC-08-31B

Information Sentencing
  Reasons for Sentencing  

In the Matter of: Consolidated Workers Association Inc. * INS-2008-55

Proposed Action

Temporary Cease and Desist
  Stipulation to Dismiss ( Cecchini )

Final Order ( Wessler )

  Final Order ( Cecchini )  

In the Matter of: Bulk Insurance of First Montana Title * INS-2008-74

Notice of Hearing

In the Matter of: Anthony Paul Flores * DC-08-566

Information Plea Agreement

In the Matter of: Independent Electrical Contractors ( IEC ) * INS-2008-3

Proposed Action Temporary Cease and Desist
  Consent Agreement and Final Order Dismissal for Client First Brokerage Services

In the Matter of: David C. Johnson * DC-08-545 * DC-32-2008-0000545-IN

Amended Information (2008) Judgment (2010)
  Order Amending Judgment Montana Supreme Court Opinion

In the Matter of: Montana Farmers Union * INS-2008-27

  Notice of Proposed Disciplinary Action