April 7, 2005                                                         Contact:Lucas Hamilton


      Helena, Mont., April 7, 2005 - State Auditor John Morrison identified four of the 200 John and Jane Does referenced in the cease and desist order issued last week against the Sure Foundation International, Inc. (SFI) and International Business Education Association (IBEA), in an amended legal action.
      The state's Securities Department charged Jacqueline Ann Largent of Polson, Montana, Jason Michael Wright of Missoula, Robert Lee Harding, Jr. of Superior and Frank Williams also of Superior as unlicensed securities salespersons when they promoted and conducted business as an illegal pyramid scheme.
      Additionally, the state's Insurance Department alleges these same people acted as unlicensed insurance agents when they promoted the illegal pyramid scheme with a promise that participants would receive "health/life insurance" for the rest of the participant's life for an initial investment in the program. The participants were informed that they would also receive payment for new members recruited into the business program.
      "Each of the two hundred recruits conducted securities and insurance business without appropriate licensure," said Morrison. "Additionally, all two hundred of the participants were involved in an illegal pyramid promotional scheme. By identifying key recruiters in Montana, we can prevent further financial loss."
      This type of pyramid scheme collapses when the market becomes saturated as the supply of new members declines and representatives recruited later in time are unable to generate promised returns.
      Ms. Jacqueline Largent may have been promoting and conducting business in the illegal pyramid scheme as recently as April 4 when she held a meeting in Lake County. Mr. Jon Jensen, also named in the action, also continued to promote the Sure Foundation as recently as last week in the Missoula area. Violation of a cease and desist order issued by the State Auditor's Office may result in criminal charges with penalties including a maximum of ten years in prison and a $5,000 fine for each securities and insurance violation.
      People who have invested in Sure Foundation or IBEA are urged to contact the Department with any information. You may reach the Securities and Insurance Departments at 1-800-332-6148.