June 4, 2008                                                         Contact:Lucas Hamilton


      State Auditor Elected From Girl’s State Delegation ‘Learns The Ropes’
      Today, Montana State Auditor John Morrison hosted Girl’s State delegate Jessica Kohn to show her the operations of the state Auditor’s Office. Kohn, from Billings, was elected as Montana State Auditor by her Girl’s State peers.
      “Girls State is a great tradition -- one I am always proud to host," said Morrison. "These young women represent some of the best of our future leaders, and Girls State is an outstanding opportunity for them to learn about how our democracy works."
      Sponsored by the Montana American Legion Auxiliary, Girls State allows delegates to experience the inner workings of politics on the state and local levels. The program is designed to educate young women in the duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of good citizenship. Participants run for and hold elected offices in the Blue and Gold parties. Both parties create platforms and hold rallies supporting their nominees for state government offices.
      “This experience has been fascinating,” said Kohn. “I’ve gained a perspective on the political and legislative process that I didn’t previously have. I now have a greater appreciation and understanding of what it means to run for and hold elected office.”
      Girl’s State is held annually in Helena. This year was the 60th session and drew more than 300 students from around the state.