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Lindeen Releases Statement on Presidential Announcement

Federal decision throws “everything on its head

November 14, 2013

HELENA – Montana Insurance Commissioner Monica J. Lindeen today released the following statement in response to an announcement today from President Obama that insurance companies may choose to continue selling plans that would otherwise have been terminated or cancelled.

“The president and I agree on one thing: The roll-out of the Obamacare website has been rocky. But far from smoothing over those bumps, his announcement today that health insurance companies may choose to continue coverage that would otherwise be terminated or cancelled causes a lot of confusion for Montana’s insurance market.

For three years, Montana’s insurance companies and my office have been working to transition health care in this state to cover more Montanans, more fairly. This announcement throws everything on its head.

I am in the process of deciding what authority I have or I don’t have. I am also in conversations with Montana’s insurance companies to see how this announcement affects their business plans and Montana consumers.

This kind of confusion is precisely why I have always fought for keeping insurance regulation at the state level. We know our markets, our companies and our neighbors better than Washington, D.C. does.”